The Politics of Catharsis

A payback in so many ways.

Catharsis and its ugly flipside schadenfreude characterize the emotions of conservatives this week. The feelings of liberals run a wider gamut encompassing shock, sadness, confusion, revenge, and much else.

What If Evolution Bred Reality Out of Us?

Look around you. What do you see?

Other people going about their business? Rooms with tables and chairs? Nature with its sky, grass and trees?

All that stuff, it’s really there, right? Even if you were to disappear right now — poof! — the rest of the world would still exist in all forms you’re seeing now, right?

Demons on Camera: Something is Going on Worldwide!

Synthetic drugs wreaking havoc on communities across America, FSU college student bites off bits of face of another man, streets covered in zombies in Brooklyn, Washington monuments covered in mysterious black slime, and more.