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  • Should President Trump Apologize? | Guest: Dr. Susan Crockford | 7/17/19
    Hour 1:  Who REALLY needs to be condemned in DC? Showtime takes on the Roger Aisles story. Trump and Obama's similar takes on immigration Hour 2: AI is getting smarter and smarter. DACA kids innocent but whites guilty of the sins of slavery? Dr. Susan Crockford explains how Netflix is lying to us   Title: Should President Trump apologize? | Guest: Dr. Susan Crockford | 7/17/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 137 Read more »
  • President Trump vs. 'The Squad' | 7/16/19
    Hour 1:  'The Squad' sounds off on President Trump. Condemn ANTIFA? Nah.  Scattered shower of journalism...on NBC!   Hour 2: Joe Biden wants you to believe this lie. Meet your new 2019 word: 'Microdosing'. Attack of the birds!!!   Title:  President Trump vs. 'The Squad' | 7/16/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 136 Read more »
  • Great Take Downs in Congress | 7/15/19
    Hour 1:  President Trump calls out radicals in the Democrat Party. Nancy Pelosi taking hits from her own party. Former ICE director takes members of Congress apart. Hour 2: Mexican flag raised in Colorado. Beto and AOC are needed back in the bar. Rep. Mo Brooks lays out the truth. Title: Great Take Downs in Congress | 7/15/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 135  Read more »
  • Happy Rene Geronimo Favaloro Day! | 7/12/19
    Pat Gray Unleashed Topics: Hour 1:  Baseball umpires about to be replaced by robots? The rebirth of bitcoin? Licking ice cream was only the beginning Hour 2: Jeffrey Epstein's little black book. Teenage boys defeated the US women's national team? The guardian angels of horses? Title: Happy Rene Geronimo Favaloro Day!  | 7/12/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 134 Read more »
  • Ouch! | 7/11/19
    Pat Gray Unleashed Topics: Hour 1:  The tragedy of the US women's soccer team's victory. Canadian drivers are too nice. Swimming pool on a car roof?  Hour 2: Are we shaving Jeffy's head today? Running for office in Mississippi. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. Nancy Pelosi  Title: Ouch! | 7/11/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 133 Read more »
  • Women's Soccer Team Overpaid? | 7/10/19
    Pat Gray Unleashed Topics: Hour 1:  Eric Swalwell's word games. Surprise with the latest Democrat polls. Opening up a portal to a parallel universe   Hour 2:  Desperation time for Beto O'Rourke. Is the soccer pay gap real? Breaking down the numbers. Student expelled for saying there are two genders  Title: Women's soccer team overpaid? | 7/10/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 132 Read more »
  • Michelle Obama Talks Sex. But Why? | 7/9/19
    Hour 1:  Eric Swalwell gives up on 2020. How many people still believe we HAVEN'T been to the moon. Michelle Obama's odd recollection of her time in the White House.  Hour 2: What if Ted Williams never went off to war? Joe Biden's curious anger in 1977. Kamala Harris has some fuzzy childhood memories.  Title: Michelle Obama Talks Sex. But Why? | 7/9/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 131 Read more »
  • Texas a 2020 Battleground State? | 7/8/19
    Hour 1:  US women win the World Cup! Texas a 2020 battleground state? First lady approval ratings over the years Hour 2: Democrats finding inroads among religious voters? Is America the greatest country in the world? College kids don't think so. Race-based ticket pricing for a concert in Detroit   Title:  Texas a 2020 Battleground State? | 7/8/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 130 Read more »
  • The Return of Mr. Twitter | 7/3/19
    Pat Gray Unleashed Topics: Hour 1:  Pat Gray returns! A recap of the Democratic debates from last Friday. Lee Iacocca passes away. Hour 2: Miley Cyrus's expletive-ridden rant about Climate Change. The latest Showtime series highlights Roger Ailes time at Fox News.  Title:  The Return of Mr. Twitter | 7/3/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 129 Read more »
  • The Resorts at the U.S. Border | 7/2/19
    Hour 1:  AOC and Rashida Tlaib travel to the border. Migrants drinking out of toilets? The toiletries at the border are not the best.  Hour 2: More illegal border crossings. Child Drag Queen faces unwanted attention.  Title: The Resorts at the U.S. Border | 7/2/19 Season: 2019 Episode: 128 Read more »


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